DALSA Sherlock - Machine vision software for industry

DALSA Sherlock is an advanced machine vision software toolkit that can solve a wide variety of automated inspection applications in different industrial sectors. It is easy to install and offers the user great flexibility and efficiency.

The Windows-​based graphical design environment provides a rich suite of proven tools and capabilities such as Drag-​and-Drop and Copy-​and-Paste, as well as tool tips and control functions. Deployed in thousands of installations worldwide, Sherlock offers you the power and flexbility to solve your vision applications in a fast and uncomplicated way.

Apply Sherlock for your quality control.

Sherlock will help you reduce production costs, increase productivity and ensure customer satisfaction - all at the same time. The present tools are specially designed to meet the requirements of a variety of application areas and to secure a hundred percent control over the production process. In addition, because you are free to use a range of different camera types and interface technologies, your machine vision tool can stay the same, if your inspection needs should change, thus protecting your technology investment.

Tools for any application

  • Region Of Interest (ROI) Shapes

Flexible Area and Line ROI selection: Rectangular, Annulus, Polygon, Torus, Circle, Point, Line, Polyline, Arc, Rake, Spoke, Rainbow, Bulls-eye.

  • Preprocessors

Extensive set of functions that can be applied to a ROI prior to analysis. Preprocessors condition the image for optimal performance of analysis tools.

  • Positioning Tools

Advanced pattern finding tools are used for object alignment and robot guidance. They are tolerant of lighting variation and changes in part position, rotation and scale.

  • Measurement Tools

Precise measurement tools can compute dimensions of a variety of parts and shapes. Calibration tools correct for camera distortion and convert measurement units to real world coordinates.

  • Colour Tools

This new feature in version 7 includes a collection of tools for the analysis of colour images. These tools support the learning of colours for monitoring, classifying, sorting, tracking, and counting objects.

  • Analysis Tools

Extensive analysis tools for finding and counting edges, extracting and analyzing blobs, detecting contrast variation and performing statistical analysis.

  • Reader Tools

Reads and verifies 1D barcodes. Reads, verifies and grades 2D matrix symbologies. Reads and identifies printed, molded or stamped text (OCR).

  • Script Tools

Using our JavaScript based scripting tool, complete with drag and drop instruction editing, you can develop custom formulas or inline and background operations within the application.

  • Custom Algorithms

Unique inspection needs may require a custom tool. Sherlock accommodates this by allowing custom plug-ins.

Flexible user interface

The workspace supports dockable and re-​sizeable windows with customisable toolbars. The Windows-​based functionality like 'drag-and-drop' and 'copy-and-paste' as well as tool tips, status bars and context menus all allow for the easy development of complex applications. A range of digital and analogue I/Os are supported via interface cards in addition to the connection of different hardware that is supported via Modbus, OPC and TCP/IP. Comprehensive data exchange can be performed via serial interface, files or Ethernet communication.

Sherlock 7 also supports the development of custom operator interfaces using Visual Basic 6, VB.Net and all other languages that support Com/ActiveX components. Thus an individual user interface can be designed for any customer and can be customised according to their individual requirements.

Extensive hardware support

Sherlock 7 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of integrators and engineers and offers a rapid method of creating an application with extensive hardware support such as DALSA Vision Appliances or industrial PCs with a frame grabber or direct connection of IEEE-1394, GigE or USB-cameras.

DALSA Vision Appliances
DALSA Vision Appliances are compact and robust solutions for wide variety of inspection applications. The simple 'Plug&Play' solutions can be easily configured via Ethernet or by using a keyboard, mouse and monitor. The applications installation software is pre-​installed and ready to run.

Industrial PC environment
Sherlock can also run within a standard or industrial PC environment where robust 19" housings and state-​of-the-art PC components offer a high degree of power and flexibility.

For Sherlock implementations, IMACO offers optimised, CE-​certified systems that are built and tested according to the customer's specific requirements.