Toshiba IK-HD3: New 3CMOS AND 1CMOS Full HD Micro Cameras

poniedziałek, 16. grudnia 2013

With its new cameras IK-HD3H and IK-HR3H, Toshiba presents a further development of the 3CCD IK-HD1 and IK-HD2 camera family which has proved very successful, particularly in the field of video endoscopy.

According to the manufacturer's information the IK-HD3 offers the highest performance of any 3CMOS micro full HD camera on the market to date and excels with excellent image quality and colour fidelity, a resolution of 1000 TV lines, maximum sensitivity under poor light conditions, as well as a host of new functions at an excellent price-​performance ratio.

Adaptable and versatile camera systems

As a special feature is that the two camera head types IK-HR3H (1CMOS) and the 3CMOS variant IK-HD3H can be connected to the universal control unit IK-HD3D. This solution allows adaptable camera systems which are specially suited to meet the demands of video endoscopy and medical engineering as well as industry, life science, microscopy and broadcasting applications.

The smallest and lightest full HD cameras on the market

Full HD colour video at the highest level and a sleek design are offered by the IK-HR3H camera head with a size of only 27 x 27 x 33 mm³ and a weight of 34 grams, together with the 3CMOS camera head IK-HD3H dimensions of 32 x 38 x 41 mm³ and a weight of 93 grams, these two introductions offer the smallest and lightest professional full HD cameras on the market. Toshiba offers four different cables up to 15 metres in length for the offset camera heads.

Intelligent features

The proven functions of the predecessor models have been developed further in the IK-HD3 heads. The main features include high colour fidelity, automatic and manual setting of shutter and white balance, the use of progressive and interlace scan with 50 or 59.94 Hz, a DVI-​D output as well as an on-​screen menu and an RS232 interface. New are intelligent features such as the Toshiba 12-axis matrix, horizontal and vertical mirroring, binning functions as well as black gamma correction.