Silicon Software GmbH

Mannheim, Germany

Silicon Software GmbH was founded in 1997 as a production and development enterprise in the technology industry and their headquarters are in Mannheim, Germany. The company produces off-​the-shelf and customized OEM solutions through its hardware and software developments. The main application focus is the quality inspection in automation and machine vision.

The company's main products are it's series of intelligent image acquisition and processing boards that are designed to handle complex visual tasks and high-​speed applications in real time. The advantage of their technology is the programmability of the on-​board vision processors which allow a broad range of applications. Complex functional units are replaced with completely different functions in fractions of seconds.

The company's other focus is the VisualApplets software product series. This graphical software tool dramatically eases the programming of vision processor hardware and allows software engineers to generate demanding and time-​critical applications in a few minutes. Silicon Software's image processing products have been successfully integrated in numerous applications and industry sectors over many years. The superior flexibility and the capability for subsequent adaptation of customized implementations, offers a distinct competitive advantage for customers. VisualApplets enables the transfer of image processing in hardware and removes CPU load at the same time, thus enabling users to create smaller, more efficient and less expensive systems.

Silicon Software's OEM solutions are installed in vision applications, medical technology, video and network technology and as programmable image processing in Machine Vision cameras. The increasing demand for improvements in vision applications requires advanced, flexible and high performance solutions.

Silicon Software are one of the international leaders in their field, with innovative products covering a broad range of applications in both standard and customized solutions. For these reasons, Silicon Software produce image processing boards with FPGA processors for standard PCs, as well as individual OEM products with their products being used for industrial real-​time image processing in many markets worldwide.